Hi, my name’s Brian Birtles. I work for Mozilla Japan on animation features in Firefox including editing the Web Animations spec. I’m a Christian and recently I’m into triathlon, especially swimming, as well as surfing and adventuring. I’m from Sydney, Australia but I’ve been in Tokyo since 2010. I like it here and hope to see more Japanese people get involved in building the Web, and, more significantly, have the chance to know Jesus.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello fellow Tokyo mate ! I just posted a comment about Rikaichamp in the Firefox extension page but I post it here too if you don’t mind, as I guess you might not look at the comments too often.

    Thank you very much for this porting of Rikaichan. Is there any chance you port Rikaichamp for THUNDERBIRD too ? That would be great to say the least, and I’ll probably make a donation if you do so.

    I’ve been working in Japan in a Japanese company for a long time and Rikaichan for Mozilla Thunderbird helped me A LOT. I recently updated Thunderbird just to realize that Rikaichan wasn’t supported anymore. Please HELP !
    PS: I tried getting the xpi file after adding the extension to Firefox and then import it into Thunderbird. While the extension is properly listed and shown as compatible in Thunderbird, it actually doesn’t seem to work :/


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