Mozilla Japan

Mozilla Japan engineering is quite hot right now

Fortunately Taipei’s shaved ice extravaganza Ice Monster has popped-up just around the corner from our office in Tokyo!

Now that I’ve sufficiently buried the lede, I’d like to introduce you to what our platform engineers have been up to in the land of the rising (and scorching) sun.

Since April we’ve been trying to focus our efforts around two themes: Input and Animation although we also work on other items like fonts and supporting partner projects. Some of the things we’re tackling this quarter include:




Gecko guts

Makoto takes the floor to teach us the ins and outs of e10s in the first ever Gecko inside event

Last night we held our first “Gecko inside” meetup. The idea is for engineers to teach each other about different parts of our code and provide some useful information to people who are interested in contributing. This time, Makoto gave us a great overview of e10s in Firefox (slides).

We plan to do it again on September 8 including a special guest appearance from Gary Kwong presenting on fuzzing in Firefox!

If you’re in Tokyo please drop by! Better still, if you’re hacking on any of the same things, why not pay us an extended visit? In addition to Taiwanese shaved ice, we’ll gladly introduce you to some tasty sushi or barbecued beef tongue.

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