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Beached as bro

One last post as I race out the door. It appears my attempt to quash the enthusiasm surrounding SMIL doesn’t seem to have worked. It seems like some people are genuinely interested in SMIL and not just for Acid3!

This weeks developments:

Today I ran up against some questions about zero-length intervals so if you have any insights there I’d be glad to hear from you! I’ve adjusted our timing model based on what I think SMIL intends.

That brings to an end my stint with the NZ office. I had a great time with the fellas here–cheers guys! Or as some people here say, “chur!”

4 thoughts on “Beached as bro

  1. Great stuff! Thanks for all your hard work Brian, and for kicking this all off in the first place. I hope you enjoyed your summer break. Don’t be a stranger. I hope you can stop by and see how things are getting on at least once in a while. Maybe even manage a small patch or two. 😉 Take care!


  2. Brian, you’re a rockstar superhero. The large movements of projects (perhaps especially in open-source) come down to dedication and drive by a small number of individuals, and you have certainly helped move SMIL and SVG in general (and thus open vector graphics) forward in Mozilla, and with that as a lever, into the browser world in general. Good work, sir!


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